“I Feel Fine” 

It’s been a long time since I reached out to everyone. Hope you guys remember who I am…lol

Over the past couple of years, I’ve struggled with working a full time job to pay the bills, while trying to find the time to perform and write songs.
You know that feeling, coming home from work after a long day, feeling physically and emotionally exhausted, so stressed out that you can’t even think straight? You begin to neglect yourself, losing sight of what’s really important. I’m sure everyone has been there from time to time.

For a while I pretty much gave up without even knowing it. I was in a funk. In an attempt to snap out of it, and find inspiration, I attended the ASCAP “I Create Music Expo” a songwriting conference. There I was exposed to some of the worlds best songwriters in the industry who have written many hit songs currently on the radio.

It wasn’t until I was watching one of the panels that it hit me…. I spent too much time thinking about what I wasn’t doing, instead of just doing. While there I met two other talented songwriters who had the same idea. We then decided to ditch pretty much the rest of the conference and collaborate and see what we could come up with.

I am very proud of the result… Its called “I Feel Fine” written by me (Wil Deynes) and two very talented singer songwriters, Jacky Henderson and Shanna Gilfix

Click the link below to see these lovely ladies perform the tune.

Let me know what you think.



“You Can’t Make Me Cry” 

I recently collaborated with 2 great song writers Nicole Rhodes and Jeff Devto of Particle Zoo! It was my first experience in colobration and it was a great one. Very happy with the end result. The track is called I’ll survive, It was produced and recorded by Eran Phillips.

Vocals – Christina Alessi
Bass – Wil Deynes
Guitars – Eran Phillips
Drums – Evan Parness

Hope everyone likes it as much as I do!


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